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BOPET from type membrane

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BOPET from type membrane

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  • Date:2018/03/15
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Product brand: the tide is rich.

Product number :20170070024.

Material: PET

Product name: 5C high temperature separation film.

Purpose :FPC/PCB line laser anti-counterfeit film switch.

Thickness :5c (0.05 m)

Tensile properties: bidirectional stretching.

Production process: high temperature coated with silicon.

Guangdong tide of fancy is rich of science and technology co., LTD is located in the pearl river delta of guangdong province huizhou city urban area, for many years specializing in the production of wholesale PET polyester film. Products have a transparent PET film, PET protective film, PET release film, PET high transparent film, PET white film, double-sided corona film, PET aluminum plating film, silicone oil film, matte film, etc. Widely used in the production of adhesive tapes, electronic materials,

Waterproof material, compound material, adhesive label printing and other industries. Have multiple purification workshops, with rich professional cutting technology can be cut according to customer requirements. Direct or indirect cooperation with customers throughout the country. Believe your choice both in quality, price, service will be your ideal partner, over the years, we in the variety is complete, the price is reasonable, the heavy credit, keep the contract, guarantee product quality,

With the principle of multi - variety management and small profit, we win the trust of our customers. The choice tide is rich, is your ideal partner! Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiations.





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